Babboe barnesete (mørk grå)

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With this seat, young children can safely be transported in our Cargo Bikes. From 9 months of age, a child can independently sit but it is still too early to place them directly on the bench of the Cargo Bike. The toddler seat allows a transition in comfort with a good back support and neck support.

The toddler seat shell is made of hard foam (identical to that used in bicycle helmets) and can withstand the impact of a collision. The toddler seat has been specially developed for use in our Cargo Bikes.

  • The chair comes with the installation kit and manual.
  • The cover of the toddler seat is very soft and can be machine washed and dried.
  • You can install two toddler seats side by side in the Babboe Big Cargo Bike. In all our other Cargo Bikes, a child can sit on the bench next to a toddler seat.
  • The Rain tent can still be used with an infant, child or toddler seat.

For installation, it is necessary to drill a hole in the back of the Box ( between the two belt mounting holes). When using the Rain tent, it will be necessary to leave slightly open (to prevent condensation).

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