Hjul 29 bak DT SWISS H1900

12x148mm, 6-bolt, 30mm

Varenr: 2140101067
3 999,00

DT SWISS Front Wheel H 1900 Spline DB 27.5“/35mm

At 30mm internal rim width, the H 1900 SPLINE 30 is what it is considered the new All Mountain standard. And All Mountain it is: Without carrying too much of a weight penalty and rolling well even on asphalt, it does what the label says: It owns the mountain. At the low pressures possible due to the wide rim and the resulting big tyre volume, it finds grip where others fail, on loose climbs and on root infested off camber sections powered by gravity. DT Swiss has equipped it to own the mountain for many years. Technologies like the patented Pro Lock nipple thread lock and meticulous wheel building, each signed by the DT Swiss pro builders make it possible.

• Intended use: eBike

• Weight: approx. 1,191g

• Tyre type: Clincher, Tubeless Ready, VH Presta 6.5mm

• Wheel diameter: 622mm

• Inner width: 30mm

• Outer width: 35mm

• Rim height: 20mm

• Rim material: aluminium

• Freehub body: Shimano steel (SS)
• Freewheel system: 3 pawl

• Hub type: 370

• Spokes: DT hybrid 1

• Nipples: DT Pro Lock Squorx ProHead aluminium

• Max. system weight: 150kg

• ASTM classification: 3

• Incl. accessory: TL tape 37mm, TL valve MTB 32mm

  SRAM XD freehub body set


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