Sete Fabric ALM Carbon Ultimate Wht/Blk

Varenr: FU4501UT02
2 999,00

ALM - A world first.
"With the Alm we really wanted to push the boundaries of what could be done with a saddle. Our links to Airbus have allowed us to produce what is a world first in saddle design."

Working closely with Airbus engineers we set out to push the boundaries of saddle development. From 3D printing titanium to testing alternative carbon lay-ups we used a variety of techniques to deliver a cutting edge product that is a departure from traditional saddle design. The result combines advanced manufacturing techniques, state of the art materials and traditional craftsmanship. ALM is an ultra-lightweight, cutting edge and fast range of saddles.

Naturally soft, lightweight and durable. Vacuum bonded to the base.

Manufactured using hand laid quilts of aerospace grade carbon-fibre. Designed specifically in conjunction with our unique rail design, this uni-directional carbon-fibre base naturally absorbs vibration and is lighter and stronger than any other material currently available.

Innovative leaf-spring design, tapered carbon-fibre provides excellent comfort and flexibility.

ALM is a process of three dimensionally printing an item. Sintering successive layers of printed titanium powder, just 30 microns (0.03mm)thick, enables us to produce hollow titanium rails that would otherwise be impossible to manufacture and are the lightest and strongest they can physically be.


ALM Shallow Ultimate

  • Custom leaf-spring carbon-fibre rails
  • Aerospace grade UD carbon-fibre base
  • Ultra-light PU foam pad 
  • Vacuum bonded cover
  • 140g
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